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Forum: Snowmobile international

English only in this part! A place to talk about Snowmobiling and all the stuff that goes along with it.

  1. Viktigt ämne Viktigt: Snowmobile.se Rules

    Attention! Read all the forum rules before posting Here is a short summery of the most important rules here on snowmobile To keep a good and structured forum please keep to these simple rules:

    Startad av Silly Bear, 2010-05-31 15:07
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    • Visningar: 24 723
    2010-05-31, 15:07 Gå till det senaste inlägget
  1. Riding a foreign registered snowmobile in Sweden?

    Hello, you Swedish brothers. I'm a Dane who has been bitten by the snowmobile bug in Greenland. what should I be aware of if I want to ride on my Greenlandic registered snowmobile in Sweden? Do you know any insurance companies that will liability insure a Greenlandic snowmobile? Can I as...

    Startad av Emil Rasmussen, 2016-04-28 16:05
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    • Svar: 10
    • Visningar: 14 698
    2016-05-27, 22:49 Gå till det senaste inlägget
  2. can someone answer snowmobiling different countries

    Hej! Jag har en fråga jag undra vilka länder är det härligt köra skoter på? Hello! I have a question I wonder which countries are the beautiful snowmobile on?

    Startad av Mannen181, 2015-05-31 13:41
    • Svar: 1
    • Visningar: 9 378
    2015-08-23, 22:38 Gå till det senaste inlägget
  3. Hello sweden, where to ride?

    I am very happy that I found this forum :) We are two guys from Poland, both riding polaris rmk 800 pro, Last winter was really terrible, we had almost zero snow in our mountains and also very little snow in Alps, I hope this winter will be better but so far we have no snow. Can someone tell me...

    Startad av glowa, 2014-11-20 21:55
    2 Sidor
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    • Svar: 17
    • Visningar: 18 543
    2015-08-23, 22:34 Gå till det senaste inlägget
  4. Rörvattnet VS Stora Blåsjön

    Hello I will go next weekend to Sweden to ride, what is the best choice to go, Rorvattnet or Stora Blåsjön? Or do you have other options in this district. I'm comming from Norway, Grong area. I like to tour on trails, no need for puddersnö:)

    Startad av lemen, 2015-03-15 17:17
    • Svar: 0
    • Visningar: 7 043
    2015-03-15, 17:17 Gå till det senaste inlägget
  5. School project

    Hello everybody I already posted this question in the Allmänna forumet. But i will post it here again. Currently i am conducting research for my school project. The research is about the Scandinavian snowmobile market en the subject is: Special cylinderheads. Now i have a few questions:...

    Startad av Lucass, 2013-03-01 20:54
    • Svar: 2
    • Visningar: 29 521
    2013-04-16, 21:02 Gå till det senaste inlägget
  6. Trails and Tracks

    Hei! I live in Norway, not to far from Gäddade, so I like to be your guest at your trails in that area. I don't have a snowmobile yet, but looking for it. The question is: what do I NEED to drive your trails? I am a complete noob in snowmobiles so every tip is welcome. I know I want a simple...

    Startad av lemen, 2012-01-08 13:01
    2 Sidor
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    • Svar: 14
    • Visningar: 20 998
    2012-02-08, 21:29 Gå till det senaste inlägget
  7. Iceland first run?!!

    Here we have some nice pics from Iceland now... Akureyri :stupid: http://gallery.me.com/s.sigurdsson#101159

    Startad av ejwbegysv, 2010-11-17 13:49
    2 Sidor
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    • Svar: 13
    • Visningar: 22 302
    2011-11-27, 20:19 Gå till det senaste inlägget
  8. Welcome to all worldwide snowmobilers

    Well, the snowmobiling community isn´t bigger than the small world is, this is a great way to bond and interact together and improve our wonderful recreation sport in every way. Feel welcome and if you fell for it leave a message from any part of the world

    Startad av Lynxfun, 2010-05-28 01:12
    2 Sidor
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    • Svar: 14
    • Visningar: 22 942
    2010-05-31, 21:26 Gå till det senaste inlägget

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